Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hope this time Indians get what they want from their leaders

Innumerable reports have epitomized that India is among the most corrupt nations in the world – owing to the fact that the amount of black money that's being stashed in various tax heavens, globally. So, at least, there is no debate as far as this obscene reality is concerned. The second debate that is doing rounds is whether civil society can hold any 'democratically' elected government to ransom, with demands which according to them are unreasonable. Well, today, it might look unreasonable with respect to time frames dictated by the civil society, or for that matter including the prime minister in scrutiny. But then 60 plus years is not a short span of time, when we increasingly got corrupt with each passing day. And what's so wrong to bring the PM into the ambit of scrutiny, owing to the fact that he heads a nation which is most corrupt! Forget everything, he should have volunteered himself for scrutiny rather than allowing any debate to even surface on this issue!

However, the issue has not just surfaced but has been flying hot between the government representatives and civil society activists. Though government representatives have been crying hoarse with respect to their democratically elected status and how they cannot be dictated, but honestly whatever they have done till now is most undemocratic. Understandably so as the biggest stakeholders and custodians for these black moneys are none but they themselves. And so they would not leave any stone unturned to crush the activism from its roots, whether by defusing it by force or perpetually politically conspiring against it.

But what is interesting is the urgency with which Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev and various other spiritual gurus have taken up this particular cause as an agenda. Typically it has been observed that in our country agendas are taken with very little concern of people and a large concern of self. There are innumerable examples wherein causes have been taken up by people in the past either to enhance their political reach or to launch themselves into politics. And unfortunately in all such cases people at large have felt cheated. It has been a perpetual legacy of cheating and distrust. And that's why probably, India has not seen a revolution even when the cause was compelling.

But then this time, the amount of people actively supported both Anna and Ramdev is something which India has never seen since Independence. Both being from radically different backgrounds, they have attracted people from different sphere. And more so because the reason has never been so compelling like this time. Moreover, they both, on account of their past work, have high degree of social trust, which has furthered the strength of the entire movement. However, there is an unprecedented pressure on both of them to ensure a logical culmination to this movement. Honestly, when the cause is so compelling, time frames actually do not matter; what matters is whether the leaders on whom millions have entrusted their faith, can stand the test of time or not. If they also get entrapped with their personal political ambition, howsoever compelling the issue might be – it’s again going to be a breach of trust; and with a much bigger impact this time, probably a bigger loss than the black money stashed abroad by a handful of cheats! But if they succeed, they become legends and more than that leave a legacy of a successful and peaceful revolution to its logical conclusion!


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